SW72 Promotional Keys

In Stock on Rigid Skewers

The SW72 key is the most popular promotional key being used in the USA today.
Because our keys come already on skewers we are told by our customers that they are experiencing up to 3% more usable keys per order.
We are also told that these are the highest quality keys that they have ever bought.

Boxed and bagged 3000 per box.

All of our stocked keys are on rigid skewers, 100 per skewer.

Call today for pricing. We can ship same day to anywhere in the USA.
Discount for larger orders shipped straight from the factory.
Marjo can research and import any product you might be looking for.
We have associates in China ready to begin doing the research needed to make sure you get a quality product at an excellent price.
We go to the factory and inspect, secure any samples you need and handle everything.
Your product will be delivered to your door. Call today and lets get started!

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